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Buying your first home

Getting a mortgage is perhaps one of the biggest decisions we make with our personal finances, so mortgages can be daunting if you haven't had one before. However, our detailed guides are a great place to start.

Getting prepared

A quick guide with top tips for perparing to buy your first home.

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A guide to buying your first home

Understand the various steps it might take to become a first time buyer.

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Valuations and home reports

When you're buying a property in Scotland, the home report will provide you with information about the property including the property valuation.

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Understanding mortgage interest rates

Learn more about mortgage interest rates and why they may increase or decrease.

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Joint mortgages

A joint mortgage is one of the most common ways to buy a property together, as it allows two people to take out a mortgage to buy a property.

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What is Land and Buildings Transaction Tax?

Learn about what Land and Buildings Transactions Tax is, how it works and how much it might be with our handy guide.

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Mortgage types and rates

More first mortgage guides

Applying as a first time buyer guide

Read through our guide for buying your first home.

Costs of buying a home guide

Check out our guide to fees and other unexpected costs and avoid any nasty surprises.

Mortgage deposits

Learn more about how much deposit you may need for a mortgage and how mortgage deposits work.

Gifted deposits

Learn more about gifted deposits and what you might be required to do if you receive one.

Mortgage offers and schemes

Find out about the current mortgage offers and schemes available at Royal Bank.

Guidance on buy to let mortgages

A buy to let mortgage is designed for when you are buying a property to rent out to others.

Becoming a landlord can be challenging. Our guide might help with answering some of the most common questions.

Landlord's checklist

Find out about the responsibilities that come with letting a property.

Buying a house at auction

Buying at auction tends to be quicker, could reduce some costs and you may find a property with overlooked potential but beware as sales are final and you need to be prepared to move quickly.

How to apply for a Buy to let mortgage

The steps to applying for a Buy to let mortgage.

Moving home?

If you're planning a home move, there may be various options available for your mortgage.

Moving home guide

Read our home movers guide for helpful information.

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Applying for a mortgage when moving home

Understand some of the things you may need to consider when applying for a moving home mortgage.

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Taking your mortgage with you

Learn more about how you may be able to take your existing mortgage with you.

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What about remortgaging?

A remortgage is when you move the mortgage you currently have on a property to another lender and, in Scotland, you may require a mortgage valuation.

There's a few things to consider if you're thinking about remortgaging. 

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Applying to remortgage your home

Sustainable mortgages and housing

As our climate becomes more and more important, the way we build, heat and run our homes is a consideration for everyone.

Understanding EPC Certificates

Learn more about Energy Performance Certificates and how they work.

Ways to save energy in your home

Saving money and living sustainably - what's not to like?

What are green mortgages?

A green mortgage could be an option if your property has a certain EPC rating.

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