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Whether you're looking to make a special purchase, go on holiday, do a balance transfer or earn a wee bit back in Rewards when you shop, we might have a credit card to suit your needs. Take a peek at our Mastercard® credit cards below.

There's no need to chance it

Our eligibility checker allows you to find out whether you'll be accepted before you apply with us. It takes around 2 minutes and it won't harm your credit rating.

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Keep track of your existing credit card

Our credit cards hub will help you get the most out of your existing Royal Bank card. From making a payment to finding out how to change your card, it's all here in one place.

A simple guide to credit cards

If you want a bit more detail on how credit cards work, take a wee wander 'round our credit cards guide. We'll help you understand the basics, such as the different types of credit cards and give some guidance on the important stuff to remember.

Coronavirus support

If you are concerned about being unable to make your repayments on your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, we have lots of guidance and support to help you.

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