Trying to save? You've got this

Save your spare change
with Round Ups

Round Ups helps make saving as easy as spending

Can't get your head around saving right now? Or maybe you want to try putting away a bit more? Either way, Round Ups can help make it easy. It can save your spare change from the things you buy every day, and put it in your savings account.

It works like this


Pay with your debit card or contactless device - maybe your favourite coffee for £2.30

Round Up

We'll round up the amount to the nearest pound


We'll send your spare change, in this example 70p, to your savings account

What you need

1. A Royal Bank current account

2. An eligible Royal Bank instant access savings account

3. The Royal Bank Mobile App

Our Mobile App is available to personal and business banking customers aged 11+ using compatible iOS and Android devices. You'll need a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

You're the boss

  • You can turn Round Ups on and off in the Mobile App whenever you want
  • Round Ups will never take you into overdraft – so don’t worry about that
  • See how much you’ve saved in ‘My Transactions’

Get started with Round Ups

Got our mobile app?

Your next steps

  1. Log into the app
  2. Go to the 'Round Ups' tab under your current account
  3. Tap it and follow the instructions

Download the app

  1. Open the camera on your mobile or tablet and point it at the QR code
  2. Tap the link when it pops up on your device and you'll go straight to where you can download the app


Can't scan the QR code?

Fix it in three simple steps

  1. On your mobile or tablet, go to the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
  2. Search for 'Royal Bank Mobile Banking'
  3. Tap to download the app

Need help with anything else?