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Travel account

Spend your holiday euros like a local.

Pay in euros with your debit card

How does it work? Travel account links euros to your existing debit card so that you can separate your holiday pot, and spend without the usual non-sterling transaction fees. Some ATMs may charge you an additional fee.


Free to set up with no monthly fee for a Travel account (monthly fees do apply to some of our current accounts which can be linked to a Travel account).

Information Message

Available to existing sole account holders of eligible current accounts who are registered for mobile banking and are ​UK residents over 18. Limited to one Travel account per customer. Mastercard debit card holders only. If you hold a Visa debit card on any of your accounts, you won't be able to open a Travel account for now.

  1. Spend like a local in euros, fee-free on purchases. Track your euro spend in the app to help you separate your holiday pot. Select to pay in euros when abroad to spend your euros.

  2. We won't charge you a fee for the first €200 in cash you withdraw from ATMs every 30 days.

  3. Top up in app, 24/7. Exchange your euros between your linked current account and the Travel account. 

  4. Easy set up. Open and use a Travel account in the mobile app within minutes.

    You can hold up to €10,000 in a Travel account, and spend up to €10,000 a day. Any euro spending over this amount will be debited in pounds from your linked current account and will be subject to any applicable non-sterling transaction fees.

Is a Travel account right for me?

Travel account links euros to your existing current account debit card, so you can spend euros without non-sterling fees, when making purchases abroad or purchasing something in euros online. Take out €200 cash from an ATM abroad without usual non-sterling transaction fees every 30 days. 


Top up euros at a live exchange rate, separate these from your daily spending, track your euro spend in the app. Exchange your euros back to pounds at any time for free.

Information Message

Remember to select to pay in euros, not pounds, and have enough euros topped up for the transaction - otherwise the transaction will charge your linked current account in pounds, and fees may apply.

Pay euros with your debit card

When given the option, select to pay in euros, not pounds, at a card terminal.

Chip & pin or contactless both work.

If you run out of euros, we will take the full amount from your linked current account instead, fees may apply.

Take out euro cash abroad

Take out up to €200 cash from an ATM abroad without usual non-sterling transaction fees, every 30 days.

Further withdrawals will be taken from the linked current account, and we will apply the usual non-sterling transaction fee.

Remember to select euros, not pounds, at the ATM to secure fee-free cash. 

Some ATMs abroad may charge additional fees.

Online shopping in euros

Buying something online in euros? Enjoy the fee-free euro spend by using your euros with your linked debit card.

Some merchants may charge additional transaction fees online, and may refund euros to your Travel account.

Important Documents

Royal Bank of Scotland Privacy Notice is available here.


The money in your Travel account is protected as part of the FSCS scheme.

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Let's get started

  1. Open up your mobile app and look for the Travel account tile in the Apply section (help! I can't see the Travel account option)
  2. Step through the set up and link your Travel account to your existing eligible current account
  3. Top up your Travel account with euros from the linked current account - you get a live exchange rate in the app 24/7
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Already enjoy fee-free on purchases abroad with a packaged account?

If you have a Reward Silver, Reward Platinum, Premier Reward Black or Black Account, you already enjoy fee-free debit card spending when you’re abroad, while ATM cash withdrawals carry a 2.75% fee.

If you would prefer the peace of mind of purchasing euros in your app ahead of your trip, at the provided exchange rate at the time, then Travel account could still be a good option for you. 

With a Travel account you could also benefit from fee-free ATM cash withdrawals of up to €200 every 30 days. Further withdrawals will be charged to the linked current account, and a 2.75% fee will apply.

Monthly account fees and eligibility criteria apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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