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Ready-made funds

Investment funds overview

  • Choose from five ready-made funds that have low fees and charges. Alternatively, the online automated advice can advise which fund is best for you. 
  • Each fund has a different level of risk from 'low' to 'high'. Choose a fund with the level of risk you are willing to take.
  • Monitor how your investment is doing 24/7 with your online investment account. 

Five ready-made funds

Low risk fund

Personal Portfolio 1 Fund

This is the lowest risk fund in the range with an emphasis towards low risk assets, such as bonds.  The low risk fund invests at least 70% of its value in bonds.

The long-term asset mix is made up of 78% Bonds, 20% Shares and 2% Cash.

Low to medium risk fund

Personal Portfolio 2 Fund

As the risk increases, the amount invested in lower risk investments, such as bonds reduces.  The low to medium risk fund invests at least 50% of its value in bonds.

The long-term asset mix is made up of 58% Bonds, 40% Shares and 2% Cash.

Medium risk fund

Personal Portfolio 3 Fund

The medium risk fund has an increasing exposure to higher risk investments, such as shares.  The medium risk fund invests at least 45% of its value in shares.

The long-term asset mix is made up of 43% Bonds, 55% Shares and 2% Cash. 

Medium to high risk fund

Personal Portfolio 4 Fund

As risk increases further, so does the exposure to shares.  The medium to high risk fund invests at least 65% of its value in shares.

The long-term asset mix is made up of 23% Bonds, 75% Shares and 2% Cash. 

High risk fund

Personal Portfolio 5 Fund

This is the highest risk fund in the range with the greatest emphasis on higher risk assets, such as shares.  The high-risk fund invests at least 90% of its value in shares. As the risk profile increases to a high level, so does the feasibility of a large return or a larger capital loss. 

The long-term asset mix is made up of 98% Shares and 2% Cash. 

The funds' asset mix allocation may vary but will always be consistent with their objective.

Each illustration shows long term asset mix, effective from February 2022.

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