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If you don't wish to make a complaint, but still need some help, Cora, our digital assistant can provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. If she can't help, she'll pass you onto a real person who can.

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There you can search our Frequently Asked Questions.

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We would love to hear your feedback. Whether you have received fantastic service or if something hasn't gone so well and whether you've experienced it in branch, over the phone or webchat, please use our Feedback Form to let us know.

How to make a complaint online

We always try to give you the best possible service. But sometimes we get it wrong. If we’ve got it wrong enough that you want to make a formal complaint, it’s easiest online.

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Our online form enables you to email your complaint direct to a complaint handler.

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If you’ve already raised a complaint, we’ll update you as we progress. If you need an update from us on an existing complaint, you can email us using the ‘Get an update’ form.

Helpful complaints information

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