Arranged overdrafts

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Representative 39.49% APR (variable)

How does our overdraft compare?

Benefits of an arranged overdraft

An arranged overdraft allows you to go overdrawn from £250 up to £5000 with an agreed limit, so it could help cover an unplanned expense. Think of it as a short-term safety net for your current account. 

Only pay interest if you use it

Quick access to funds

It takes about 5 minutes to apply in Online Banking or the mobile app (app eligibility applies)

Manage my existing overdraft

You can make changes to your arranged overdraft in our mobile app or via Digital Banking. Here's what you need to know.

Why chance it?

Use our eligibility checker to find out whether you’re likely to be accepted before you apply. It just takes a few minutes and it won't impact your credit score.

How do overdraft costs work?

Overdraft costs

Arranged overdraft charges

We don’t charge fees for using an arranged overdraft – we only charge interest on the amount of overdraft you use. The interest you pay depends on the type of current account you have with us. 

Unarranged overdraft charges

If you go into an unarranged overdraft, we will charge interest (this will also depend on the type of your current account). The monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges for our standard adult current accounts is £18.80.

Further costs details

Returned payments

An Unpaid Transaction Fee of £1.55 is charged for a transaction that we return unpaid. A transaction (e.g. a Direct Debit) will be returned if the payment cannot be met from funds in your account or any unused arranged overdraft facility and we decide in our discretion not to make the payment.

Charging periods

Charges are accrued during a charging period. At the end of the charging period you will be notified of the total amount owed and when it will be taken from your account - this will be 21 days after the end of the charging period.

Types of overdrafts

What is an arranged overdraft?

An arranged overdraft is when we agree to a limit that lets you spend a bit more money than you have in your current account. This could help you manage your money if you have to cover short-term expenses such as an unexpected bill.

What is an unarranged overdraft?

An unarranged overdraft is when you spend more money than you have and you haven’t previously arranged an overdraft limit with us, or you have exceeded your existing overdraft limit.

Free text alerts

If you start to use an arranged or unarranged overdraft, we'll send you free text alerts to keep you updated.

How much does my overdraft cost in pounds and pence?

Choose your current account to view the interest costs when you use a £500 overdraft.

If you have a Premier Select or Reward Black account, please visit the Premier Banking page and select your account for more details.

See how much interest you might pay

Use our overdraft cost calculator to see how much interest you’d pay based on your own circumstances and borrowing amount.

Our Student and Graduate overdrafts

Student overdrafts

Get an interest free overdraft of up to £2,000 (£500 in first term).  Students can apply for up to £3,250 interest free from year 3 onwards.

Handy text alerts to help you manage your borrowing

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Graduate overdrafts

Graduates can apply for up to £3,250 in the first year after graduation.

Year 1 £3,250 interest-free buffer

Year 2 £2,250 interest-free buffer

Year 3 £1,250 interest-free buffer

Manage your overdraft online or in the mobile app (app criteria apply)

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Is an overdraft right for you?

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