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Cash ISAs are a simple, tax-efficient way to save. It could make your money work harder than a traditional savings account. 

Cash ISAs & Fixed Rate ISAs explained

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) allows you to save up to £20,000 each tax year without having to pay income tax on the interest you earn.

Royal Bank offer two types of cash ISA for over 18s an Instant Access  ISA and a Fixed Rate ISA. Under 16s can apply for a Junior ISA.

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Is an instant access Cash ISA best for you?

Flexible savings and tax-free benefits

Instant access savings with Cash ISA

  • Start your ISA savings with little as £1.
  • Take money out whenever you need it.


Royal Bank's Cash ISA interest rates 

  • 1.75% AER / 1.74% Tax free p.a. (variable) Balances of £1-£24,999.
  • 3.20% AER / 3.15% Tax free p.a. (variable) Balances of £25,000+.
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Is a Fixed Rate ISA best for you?

Fixed interest so you know how much you will earn

Fixed interest for long term savings

  • Choose a term and open your account with £1,000.
  • Fix your Cash ISA interest rate and watch your savings grow.

One and two year Fixed Rate ISA rates

  • 4.60% AER/Tax-free p.a. (fixed) 1 year term.
  • 4.20%  AER/Tax-free p.a. (fixed) 2 year term.

No withdrawals or deposits during the term. Available until 5pm on 23 May 2024 to new customers.

Existing customers have until 28 May 2024. Deposits made before 23.59pm on 05 April 2024 will be for  2023/2024 tax-free allowance. Please note that these issues may be withdrawn early due to limited availability.

Interest is calculated daily and paid annually to your ISA on the first business day in April and on the Maturity Payment Date. Early closure fees may apply.

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Transferring from an Existing Cash ISA

An ISA transfer is when you switch your ISA savings to a new provider. You might do this to get a better interest rate, or to take advantage of a different type of ISA altogether. You can transfer an existing ISA elsewhere into your Royal Bank ISA at any time, bringing all your ISAs together in one place.

Full details on how to complete an ISA transfer can be found here.

Cash ISA - FAQs

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Your eligible deposits with Royal Bank of Scotland are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme.

Find out more about the scheme and how it protects your money.

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