Packaged bank accounts

£150 to Switch & Stay
with our Reward Platinum
bank account

Available to existing current account customers only

Boost your travel and insurance benefits with our Reward Platinum account

£150 Switch & Stay offer

Earn Rewards that you can redeem as cash, gift cards or e-codes with our retail partners

Mobile phone insurance

UK car breakdown cover

Worldwide family travel insurance

Fee free debit card purchases abroad

Arranged overdraft available (subject to eligibility)

Choose your way to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay™ or Contactless Visa Debit. Limits apply.

£20 monthly fee

Travel insurance relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any other pandemic

You should refer to the Travel Insurance Terms (including the endorsement) as this will affect your cover. 

We have outlined what your travel insurance will and will not include cover for below.

For more information about travel insurance during COVID-19, you can refer to our FAQs.

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Features and benefits


Earn Rewards

Earn £4 a month back in Rewards for 2 or more Direct Debits - 2 of those Direct Debits needs to be at least £2 each. Plus, earn an extra £1 a month back in Rewards with 1 mobile app log in. That's up to £5 a month back in Rewards to spend on whatever you like!

Exchange Rewards

Once you reach £5 in Rewards, the choice is yours. Bank it into your RBS bank account, trade up for gift cards and e-codes with our retail partners, or donate to one of our chosen charities.

Travel insurance

Do you love to travel? Our worldwide travel insurance covers you and your family for trips of up to 31 days. The policy also includes winter sports and £10 million medical expenses cover (underwritten by U K Insurance Ltd).

Travel services

Planning a weekend getaway, family holiday or a romantic trip away? Your money goes further when you use the Platinum Travel Service with discount off breaks, holidays, car hire and overseas travel.

Travel money

Get great deals on foreign currency from our Travel Money Service. We'll even deliver the money to your door.

Fee free debit card purchases abroad

No Non-Sterling Transaction fee when you using your Reward Platinum debit card abroad.


Mobile phone insurance

Many of us run our lives on our mobiles. Our mobile phone policy covers loss, theft, accidental damage and breakdown (once your manufacturer’s warranty has expired). Underwritten by American International Group UK Limited.

UK car breakdown cover

If your car breaks down away from home, you’re sorted. Our partners Green Flag will get you and your vehicle home or to your preferred location, anywhere in the UK. Policy is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited.


Cinema discount

Take advantage of up to 40% off the price of cinema tickets.


If you love eating out, you’ll love this offer: get 2 for 1 or 50% off your food bill at thousands of restaurants UK wide.

Banking with us

Mobile Banking app

Stay in control of your money with our easy to use mobile banking app.

Our range of savings accounts

We have a range of savings accounts available to our current account holders.

Switch & Stay offer

£150 Switch & Stay offer

Request to switch an account elsewhere into your existing Reward Silver account via our website and get an initial £100 cash, and a further £50 if you stay with us.

Overdraft details

How do overdrafts work?

An arranged overdraft can be useful for short term borrowing. Understand arranged and unarranged overdrafts and their impact on your account. An overdraft is a form of borrowing and is repayable on demand.

How much will an overdraft cost?

Understand the cost and impact of overdrafts and whether you're eligible to apply for one. If you don't repay what is owed, you could harm your credit score and borrowing capability.

Now please take a look at the important legal info

For our existing customers

To upgrade or switch you need to be an existing Royal Bank current account customer.

Switch to Royal Bank

Switch an account elsewhere into us using the Current Account Switch Service and you could receive an initial £100 after you switch, and a further £50 if you stay with us with our Switch & Stay offer.

Upgrade or change my account

Change your existing Royal Bank current account online. Please note account upgrades and changes are not part of £150 Switch & Stay offer.

Change my sole account