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More than just an account – you’ve got our support. With our Business bank account, you could get access to our team of dedicated Relationship Managers. Plus, you can power up your business with our Accelerator programme, which expands your network by connecting you with peers and experts (available to customers and non-customers).

Our Business bank account is for businesses with turnover above £1m; or, for businesses with turnover below £1m who have been trading for over a year. Turnover and eligibility criteria apply for Dedicated Relationship Managers.
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Have you got a great idea for a new business? We're here to help with all the stuff you need to get started, like business planning, and other practical bits. 

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We offer a range of programmes and helpful tools for businesses, plus a network of specialists who could offer help and guidance as you grow.

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Whether you’re still in the idea phase or looking to grow, Business Builder is packed with practical resources. Plus, we have events to help you take the next steps with confidence.

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If you're a business with ambitions to expand, the Royal Bank Accelerator programme could help. From the first-go fintechs to the import and exporters, from the app makers to the risk-takers we believe in you.  

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Many scammers target successful businesses, so don’t let the cost of a scam hit you financially. Check out the most common scams we are seeing.

Need to reduce your energy costs?

Find out more on the actions you could take to reduce costs. We've partnered with UK companies that could help provide solutions to reduce costs and help you become more sustainable.

Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

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Our Insights Hub is designed to help businesses like yours at every stage.

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