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With over 1000 Women in Business Accredited Specialists throughout the UK we're ready to deliver our expertise and offer tangible support to you and your business. Whether you already run a business or plan to, we could help with your everyday business needs.

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This year and every year, we're committed to helping women achieve their business goals.

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This year for International Women's Month, we focused on creating an ecosystem that offers tangible support to women in business. Insights like ours are essential to unlocking the potential of female business owners in the UK.

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Support for female entrepreneurs

The Rose Review was launched in March 2019, at the request of the UK government. It sets out to identify the disparity between male and female entrepreneurs when starting and scaling businesses, and the barriers facing women.

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An extra £1bn of funding available for Women in Business

In 2021, we made an additional £1 billion in funding available to help support female-led businesses in the UK recover from the impact of COVID-19, this builds on the £1 billion announced in January 2020. You can apply for funding through our range of loan and finance options. 

You can apply for funding through our range of loan and finance options.

Royal Bank Business Builder

If you’ve got a business idea, and you’re looking to take it further, faster try Royal Bank Business Builder. It’s a bite-sized programme with online modules, events, and online community to help you bring your business ideas to life.

It's free and you don't need to be a Royal Bank customer to take part.

Buy Women Built

Buy Women Built is a campaign to mobilise consumers to buy from female founded businesses by showcasing who they are and why buying from them is our quickest path to a stronger, fairer economy.

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Owner of social enterprise Dechomai, Bayile Adeoti

Paving the way: Dechomai

Bayile Adeoti explains how Covid-19 has affected Dechomai, her social enterprise for ethnically diverse women, and why strategic partnerships are more important now than ever.

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Winners of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2022

Celebrating Britain's remarkable women 

The winners of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2022 have been announced.

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Investing in Women Code

Investing in Women Code

We are a founding member of the Investing in Women Code, a commitment by financial services firms to improve female entrepreneurs’ access to tools, resources and finance.

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MentorMatch - Dedicated mentoring program to support women in business in Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland is on a mission to empower women in their professional careers across Scotland by redefining the world of mentorship.

Partnering with online mentoring platform Digital Boost, Royal Bank has created a new digital matchmaking service to help connect women with their perfect mentor, and encourage more people to recognise the power of their own experience and become a mentor to others.

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