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Do your banking online in the way that works best for your business

Digital Banking

Manage and keep track of your finances online 24/7 wherever you are. Digital Banking offers a daily gross payment limit of £50,000 (subject to available funds).

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Mobile Banking

Move money and manage your finances from your mobile device. Mobile Banking offers a daily gross payment limit of £50,000 (subject to available funds).

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Enhanced digital banking with account management and security options. Bankline offers an unlimited daily gross payment limit (subject to available funds).

Would Bankline or Digital Banking be best for you?

Compare the features and benefits of both services side by side and see which best suits your business.

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How can we help?

Start a chat and we’ll quickly help you find what you need. Cora, your digital assistant, will answer your question or connect you to right team.

New services that could help your business

Royal Bank Cheque Scan

Our new cheque scan service will allow you to pay in cheques using your mobile device.

Customers with an active Royal Bank Business Current Account can join our pilot. If you've banked with us for at least 2 years, be among the first customers to get faster access to cash paid in by cheque.

To take part, you'll need an Apple iPhone 6 or above. You can also use an iPad with iOS 13 or above.

Help with managing payments and accounts

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Need to talk to us in person?

Branch banking

Sometimes you can’t beat a face to face chat. You have several options, from visiting us in branch, to Mobile Branches, Community Banking and Video Banking.

Find out more about branch banking

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Telephone banking

Help with day to day banking over the phone. Get speedy answers to any queries you may have about your accounts. Speak to us with Telephone Banking.

Find out more about Telephone Banking

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