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Everything you need to know about account charges

On this page you'll find everything you need from how to minimise account charges to fully understanding your account tariffs.

How to minimise charges

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When you pay money in

If you only pay in when you need to, you'll use fewer credits and save money. Keep any cash (safely) you might need, as this reduces your cash processing charges.
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When you take money out

It's more cost effective to use a cash machine than to cash cheques. And you'll save even more money if you keep withdrawals to a minimum.
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When you pay bills

It's cheaper to pay bills by Direct Debit or standing order than by cash or cheque. It's also worth using a debit card for day-to-day spending.
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When people pay you

Being able to accept debit or credit cards makes it easier for customers to pay you. Learn more about this in our making payments section.

Account tariffs

We've simplified account tariffs to make our pricing clearer. See your business account charges in the documents below.

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