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Autopay Online Plus

What is Autopay Online Plus?

Autopay Online Plus is a cloud-based payment solution that enables you to collect Direct Debit payments and make Direct Credit payments (volume-based sterling transactions between UK bank accounts).

Autopay Online Plus is an Indirect Bacs solution. You need a sponsored Bacs Service User Number with Royal Bank of Scotland to use this product.

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For more information please read our Autopay Online Plus Factsheet.

How can Autopay Online Plus help me?


You can process Bacs payments from anywhere as long as you have access to our portable Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob or Mobile Application which you’ll use to log in and confirm payments.


No need to log into the Bacs website for reports. Make Bacs payments and view your Bacs reports online at your convenience.


Autopay Online Plus securely connects to Bacs using a Cloud Security Module. This keeps you secure. 


Specialist features help protect you and your business from mistakes and fraud.


You decide who can upload, approve and commit payments – segregating duties where needed.


Our additional modules, Drive and Encryption, securely connect Autopay Online Plus with your accounting/payroll software, saving you time.

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