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Royal Bank of Scotland Post Office Banking Services

We’ve increased the number of services available at thousands of Post Office outlets across the UK giving you more choice in how you choose to bank with us.

What can I do at the Post Office?

As a Royal Bank of Scotland customer, you can:

  • Deposit cash with a barcoded paying-in slip or using your debit card and PIN.
  • Deposit cheques with a paying-in slip.
  • Exchange cash for coin using the Post Office Change Giving service - you must register for this service.
  • Withdraw cash using your debit card and PIN.
  • Get your balance using your debit card and PIN.

What you need to know:

  • If you are depositing cash using your debit card you will be asked to verify your PIN, just like in our branches.  If you do not know your PIN you can order a reminder.
  • Post Offices have various cut-off times and services, so do check with the Post Office you wish to use to see what they offer and what their cut-off time is for deposits, as this can impact when any deposit you make credits your account.
  • Cash paid in at a Post Office using a Debit card will be added immediately.
  • Cash paid in using a paying-in slip will be added to your Royal Bank account by the end of the next business day, if paid in before the Post Office cut off time. If missed, this will be two business days. Please ensure your paying-in slips include a barcode. If your paying-in slips do not contain a barcode, please contact us and we will provide you with them.
  • Cheques paid into the Post Office will be added to your Royal Bank  account when we receive them from the Post Office, which is normally within two business days. Cheques will follow the normal cheque clearing cycle once we have received them.  Please note, sometimes it might take a little longer for cheques to reach us from the Post Office.
  • At Post Office counters, cash and cheques must be paid-in under separate credit slips and will be charged separately as per the Manual payments and Cash payments sections on the Business Account Charges leaflet.


How To Videos

Step by step videos to show you how to prepare your banking at the Post Office and register for Change Giving Service

Services available

Service charges

Services at the Post Office are subject to the same charges applicable at Royal Bank of Scotland branches.

Please contact us or speak to your Relationship Manager for further information.

Additional information

Mixed pay-ins: Please note that cash and cheques cannot be mixed when carrying out a ‘Paying-in cash with slip’ transaction’. Separate paying-in slips are required.

Post Office cut off times: ‘Paying-in services’ transaction timescales are subject to Post Office cut off times. This is the point of time in which the banking transactions are collected from the Post Office.

Business Quick Deposit: Our Business Quick Deposit service is not available at the Post Office.

Change Giving registration: Please allow approximately 15 business days for the Change Giving registration to be completed before attempting to use the service for the first time.

Frequently asked questions about Post Office Services

Contact the Post Office

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Call the Post Office

Telephone: 0345 722 3344
Text Phone: 0345 722 335

Lines are open from: 08:15 -18:00 Mon to Fri and 08:30 - 14:00 on Saturday.

Calls may be recorded. 
Calls to 0345 will cost no more than calling a standard geographic number starting with 01 or 02 from your fixed line or mobile and may be included in your call package dependent on your service provider.

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