Streamline the way you manage your clients' funds

Clients' Monies Service

What is Clients' Monies Service?

Client Monies' Service (CMS) is a secure, easy-to-use, virtual account system that helps you manage third-party funds.
The service allows you to identify and manage money belonging to each client without the need for separate bank accounts. It also lets you transfer funds electronically to and from your clients’ accounts.

CMS client accounts are:

  • Separate deposit accounts held by us
  • Identified by a client reference number 
  • Instant access - you can move money freely without providing any notice

CMS lets your administrators control user access, tailored to the needs of your organisation. Authorised staff access the system using their unique User ID and pin/password.

How Clients' Monies Service helps your business

Easy client management

Self-serve all aspects of your client account management, with accounts opened and closed instantly.

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Real-time reporting

Easy access to reports on transactions, balances, and interest, helping you track everything in real-time. Statements and certificates of interest are available.

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Keeps you compliant

Clients' Monies Service helps you comply with professional obligations and provides a full electronic audit trail of transactions.

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Safe & secure

Nominated administrators control access to the portal by allocating roles and privileges to individual members of your team.

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Automatically calculate and pay interest to clients

Define the interest allocation rules to reduce your own admin.

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Eligibility and support

Eligibility is subject to a pre-account opening check. However, you may be eligible to use Clients' Monies Service if:

  • you need to manage and service funds on behalf of clients
  • you're a regulated firm such as a law firm, accountacy practice or insolvency practitioner
  • you will use the service to manage a minimum of 25 client accounts, or balance of £300,000

If you're managing fewer than 25 client accounts, Client Deposit Manager may be more suitable for your business.

How to apply for Clients' Monies Service

Give us a call on 0345 900 0652

We'll need details of your business (name, address and contact number) and to see proof of identity for all the parties to the business account. If you run a limited company, we will also need your company’s certificate of incorporation.

Further checks may need to be completed during the registration.

Relay UK Service: 18001 0345 900 0652

More information on accessibility.

Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. To see how much your call might cost, visit the call charge information page.

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