Business savings

Start saving for your
business's future today

Plan for your business's future with the right savings account

Business Reserve

Instant access account

Suitable for managing separate funds on a day to day basis, whether you are saving for bills, equipment or more

Earn interest daily and receive it on the last business day of every month

Instant access to savings

Make as many withdrawals as you need without penalties 

No min or max balance apply

Liquidity Manager

Notice account

Suitable if you can lock away your spare cash for 35 days at a time for a better interest rate

Earn interest daily and receive it on the last business day of every month

Early withdrawals are not permitted

No minimum or maximum balance apply

Account can be viewed online

Treasury Reserve

Fixed term account

Lock away your spare cash from overnight, for up to 12 months, for an even better interest rate

Interest is calculated daily, and paid at maturity

Early withdrawal not permitted

Fixed interest rates linked to the London money market

No max balance, min balances from £100K apply dependent upon term of deposit

Manage clients' funds more efficiently

Client Deposit Manager

Single client account management

Regulated companies only

No min balance

Managed rate of credit interest

No monthly fees

View on Bankline

Standard support

Client Account Manager

Multiple client account management

Regulated companies only

Minimum balance of £300k or 25 client accounts

Virtual account management

Comprehensive auditing solutions

Automated funds and interest allocation

Precise reporting

Manage your savings account

Get more from your savings account with helpful information on managing your account, interest rates, online and mobile banking, additional products and more.  

Useful info about our business deposit accounts

Do I need to be a Royal Bank of Scotland customer to apply?

No, you are not required to open or maintain a business current account with us in order to obtain or manage a business deposit account.

Can I switch banks after taking out a Deposit product?

You are able to switch your Business Current Account or your business banking to another provider while retaining your deposit product with us.

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