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In partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses

A partnership designed to help support your business

We have a partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). We’re coming together to help support small businesses with the effects of the rising cost of living, energy and inflation.

The support available is free* and open to NatWest, Royal Bank and Ulster Bank customers only unless stated otherwise.

*Discounted FSB membership fees may apply for other services.

Visit the FSB's knowledge hub to find dedicated guides and resources to help you learn new business skills

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Dive into FSB's growing library of resources written by industry experts. From employment law to digital marketing, find advice and support to help you run your business.

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Dedicated phone support

If you can't find the information you need in the FSB's resources hub, and would like to get in touch with them, they are here to help.

Information Message

"Thanks to the bank and FSB for helping small businesses with this issue. It is so important and I have seen many of my business contacts own businesses fold from not being paid on time."

- NatWest Group customer, June 2023

What legal action can I take?

FSB have a range of templates you can make use of to help recover your debt. Our customers have access to various Letters before Action.

You can make use of these Letters before Action downloadable templates from the FSB website, which have been prepared by Markel Law to help you recover your debt.

How can I get help to recover late payments?

FSB have a partnership with Markel Law who can provide further advice in recovering your debt.

NatWest, Royal Bank and Ulster Bank customers who are non-FSB members will be charged a discounted rate. You may also want to explore options with other legal providers who can also provide this service. 

Coming soon in partnership with the FSB

Keep an eye out for enhanced services and resources from the FSB.

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