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You can see our current mortgage rates, and compare deals and the monthly mortgage repayments, by entering a few details. Please note, we aren't currently offering buy to let mortgages directly through Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Mortgage rate FAQs

What is a mortgage interest rate?

A mortgage interest rate is a percentage fee charged on a mortgage loan by a lender – effectively the ‘cost’ of borrowing the money (plus any other applicable fees). You can learn more about how mortgage interest rates work.

Are mortgage rates going up?

Mortgage lenders consider a range of factors when deciding what interest rates they can offer. We can't say for sure if our rates will rise or fall in the future, and we also can't speak for rates offered by other lenders.

Can mortgage interest rates change?

Yes, the interest rates in this tool are subject to change. If you apply for a mortgage with us, you will need to choose from the mortgage interest rates available on the day of your application.

Your mortgage interest rate can also change if you already have a mortgage, unless you currently have a fixed rate deal. You can learn more about what can cause mortgage interest rates to change.

What are the different types of mortgage interest rate?

There are various different types of mortgage interest rates, including fixed rate mortgages and tracker rate mortgages. Learn about them and other types of mortgage interest rates on our mortgage comparison webpage.

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