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EPC certificates

What is an EPC certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will tell you how energy efficient a property is, showing the estimated energy usage over three years. From this it gives it a rating between A to G (an 'A' rating being very efficient). An EPC certificate will remain valid for 10 years from the date the report is produced. 

EPC certificates could help you to buy a home that wastes less energy, show you what your energy bills might be and give you an estimate of the carbon emissions it produces.

If you're not moving home, an EPC certificate could also help you with a range of energy-efficient ideas for your home. Even if you rent, you could still try some of the smaller ideas, such as draught-proofing.

How do I get a new EPC certificate?

If you're looking to get a new EPC, it's best to find an accredited energy assessor through the government's EPC register.

If you're selling your home, your estate agent may offer to arrange it for you but it's usually a more expensive option.

Top EPC questions

Here are some of the top EPC questions asked in the UK.

Who needs an EPC certificate?

Homeowners and landlords will need to request an EPC certificate for a property they are selling or renting in the UK, and they must show it to you. Estate agents or letting agents should ensure there’s a valid EPC certificate for any property they're selling or letting on behalf of a client.

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How can I find an existing EPC certificate?

You can find an existing EPC certificate through the UK Government website.

Find an existing EPC certificate

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How much does an EPC certificate cost?

It can typically cost between £60 and £120 to get your property on the EPC register. This will vary, so it is worth comparing a few different quotes — but make sure your assessor is registered.

Getting an assessment done directly rather than through an estate agent can help reduce the cost too.

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Check the EPC register

Find out the energy efficiency of your home or property by visiting the goverment EPC register.   

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EPC frequently asked questions

What is included in an EPC certificate?

Not all EPCs will look the same, but the final EPC report will mostly cover four key areas.

Buying a home with a low EPC rating

A property with a lower EPC rating simply means it won't be as energy efficient as other properties with a higher score. This means it may use more to energy to power and heat your home. 

If your home has a lower rating, you could take steps to increase your property's EPC rating by making some home energy saving improvements.