A step-by-step guide to applying for a mortgage

The four steps to apply for a mortgage with Royal Bank

  1. 1

    Check you have your supporting information ready

    As part of the application process, we need to assess your current financial situation and will need proof of your income and personal details. Make sure you have proof of:





    Online mortgage application checklist

  2. 2

    Get an Agreement in Principle

    An Agreement in Principle will tell you how much we could lend you based on your income, property value, deposit amount and mortgage term.

    It takes around 5 to 15 minutes online

    It gives you a personalised lending indication

    It has no affect on your credit score

    It can be useful for viewing and making an offer on a property.   

    Get an Agreement in Principle

  3. 3

    Pick a mortgage and get a mortgage illustration

    After working out how much we could  lend you, we'll give you a breakdown of your options and you can pick the mortgage that's right for you.

    Your personalised mortgage illustration will outline your selected mortgage type, term, interest rates and any associated fees.

    Learn about our mortgage types

  4. 4

    Choose how you'd like to apply

    If you want free mortgage advice, you can apply for a mortgage with Royal Bank either by phone or video call.

    If you’d rather choose a mortgage yourself, you can apply for your mortgage online.  However, you won’t benefit from the protection provided by our advised service.

    Apply online

Choose how you want to apply

Apply Online

You can complete your mortgage application online, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

You need to be:

confident that you have been able to choose the right mortgage for your circumstances

happy to take responsibility for the mortgage you choose

As you’ll not be getting any advice from us, you won’t benefit from us assessing whether the mortgage is suitable for you. Therefore if your choice turns out to be unsuitable we won’t offer you any compensation.

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Apply over the phone

Already applied for a mortgage and need your offer extended?

If you’ve had a mortgage offer with us approved and can’t complete within the agreed timescale, we’re here to help. You can apply to extend your mortgage offer by 1 month to give you extra time to complete buying your new property or re-mortgaging your existing property. Find out more

By requesting an extension to your mortgage offer you are acting on behalf of all parties named on the mortgage.

Already have a Royal Bank of Scotland mortgage?

If you're already a Royal Bank of Scotland mortgage customer, you won't need to resubmit paperwork, such as evidence of income, unless your circumstances have changed.

Log in to Manage Your Mortgage, see what offers are available and apply online.

All you need are your mortgage account number, name, date of birth and your postcode.

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