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Travel money

Why choose Royal Bank of Scotland travel money?

Choose from over 70 currencies including Euros, US Dollars and Turkish Lira

Competitive rates and no hidden fees

Collect from one of travel money provider Eurochange branches

Order now and collect from a Eurochange branch in as little as 60 seconds

About travel money

How do you buy travel money?

Foreign currency is usually sold by a currency exchange company, also known as a bureau de change. These companies specialise in exchanging one currency for another, offering rates of exchange based on the changing international money market.

Modern currency exchanges typically offer the option to buy currency online. At Royal Bank of Scotland, we’ve partnered with Eurochange to offer online and telephony currency ordering with convenient options for home delivery or branch collection.

How can I order travel money?


It’s easy, quick and secure to order your currency online with us.

Via the Royal Bank mobile app
Just click on your account, look for Manage My Card, then going abroad and click Order Travel Money.

By telephone

If you would prefer to order your currency over the phone, or if you have any questions about our travel money service, you can speak to one of our team on 0330 174 8524 (Relay UK 18001 0330 174 8524).

Lines are open Monday to Saturday 9am until 5pm and Sunday 11am until 4pm (except bank holidays).

Why order with us?

Minimum order amount


Maximum order amount


Exchange rate commission


Delivery charges


(free for orders over £500)

We're here to help

If you would rather order your currency over the phone, or if you have any questions about our travel money service, you can speak to one of our team on 0330 174 8524 (Relay UK 18001 0330 174 8524).

Lines are open Monday to Saturday  9am until 5pm Sunday 11am until 4pm (except bank holidays). 

Any leftovers?

Found some leftover holiday money while unpacking your suitcase? If you are a customer with us, you can visit one of our Royal Bank of Scotland branches where we will buy back your foreign currency and credit the GBP amount directly to your bank account.

What can I exchange as a branch buy back?

We only accept bank notes, not coins. We also can't accept bank notes that are damaged, out of circulation or due to be going out of circulation in the next 6 months.

We accept most major currencies, but we can't buy back every single currency as there are restrictions in place on certain currencies. For example, we can’t accept currencies that have been replaced by the euro and we can’t buy currency from countries that operate a closed currency.

Visit a Eurochange branch

Use our handy branch locator to decide which Eurochange branch you could collect your travel money from. With over 190 Eurochange branches nationwide and currency collection available in as little as 60 seconds after your order, it’s a convenient way to grab your cash quickly.

What currency do you need?

What currency do you need for Europe?

Many members of the European Union use the euro. You may see the euro referred to as EUR or using the € symbol. 

Travelling to a European country and not sure if it uses the euro? You can check this list on the European Union website.

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What currency do you need for America?

The dollar is the official currency of the United States of America. It might be referred to as USD or using the $ symbol.

It is used in all its member states. You can order dollars from us by clicking below.

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What currency do you need for Dubai?

As a city within the United Arab Emirates, the official currency used in Dubai is the dirham.

You may see it labelled as AED. Order dirham for delivery or collection today.  

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Choose from more than 70 currencies

Travelling somewhere else? We offer more than 70 currencies including Japanese yen, Turkish lira, and Australian dollar – all available for delivery or collection.

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Need some reassurance?

Choosing the right amount of travel money for your trip

You can order up to £2500 of foreign currency. Remember, you must declare to UK customs when taking £10,000 outside of the country.

Collect your currency in 60 seconds

Dashing for the airport for a last minute break or business trip? Order online or by telephone and your order will be ready to collect in a Eurochange branch in as little as 60 seconds later.

Convenient payment options

We take security seriously. Online and telephone payments can be made securely by debit or credit card.

Sell back unused currency

If you’re a customer of the Royal Bank of Scotland, we’ll buy back your unused currency and credit the amount directly to your current account.

Want to use an alternative?

Prefer plastic to paper? You can use your Royal Bank of Scotland debit card abroad and some of our current accounts don’t charge any transaction fees. Withdraw cash from international ATMs, use chip and pin or even contactless.

Our guide to using your card abroad

Trip in the euzo zone? Spend like a local with a Travel account.
Criteria and Terms apply. Fees may apply.

More about the Travel account

Try our card currency calculator and you could get a clearer picture of your conversion rates and charges while using your debit, credit or savings card abroad.

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