Agreement in Principle

[#applicant]'s total income


This is the total income you receive

You need to borrow


This is based on the value of the property and your deposit or, if remortgaging, the amount you still owe on the mortgage

with a Loan to Value of


This reflects how much mortgage you have in relation to how much your property is worth

Representative example

Your Agreement in Principle

{{if iconPath}}

Hi [#applicant],

Thank you for choosing a Royal Bank of Scotland mortgage on {{= displayName}}

{{if aipAggUtil._fnreturnTheHDResult() === 'Y101'}}

Great news

You could borrow what you need:

{{= aipAggUtil._fnReturnBorrowingAmount()}}


Based on what you’ve told us you may be able to borrow up to

{{= mortgageAmount}}

{{/if}} {{if aipAggUtil._fnreturnTheHDResult() === 'L101'}}

Here's your Agreement in Principle

We can't lend you the full amount, but you could borrow up to:

{{= mortgageAmount}}


You wanted to borrow

{{= aipAggUtil._fnReturnBorrowingAmount()}}

{{/if}} {{if aipAggUtil._fnreturnTheHDResult() === 'EQUAL'}}

Great news

You could borrow what you need

{{= aipAggUtil._fnReturnBorrowingAmount()}}


Your selected mortgage

{{if mortgageUtil.fnGreenstringSearch(label) === true}}

{{= label}}

{{= mortgageUtil.currency}}{{= monthlyPayment}}

{{= initialRate.value}}%

£{{= arrangementFee}}

{{if options.legalFeesPaid.value =="true" }} {{/if}}
{{if options.freeStandardValuation.value =="true" }} {{/if}}

{{if options.freeStandardValuation.value =="true" }} {{else options.legalFeesPaid.value=="true"}} {{else}}-{{/if}}