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Gifted mortgage deposits

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What is a gifted deposit?

When you take out a mortgage, you'll need to place a mortgage deposit. This is an amount of money you pay upfront towards th cost of the property.

A gifted deposit means someone else, often a family member, provides the funds for some, or all of, your mortgage deposit.

Can I use a gifted deposit as a first time buyer?

  • Yes, you can use gifts to help make up a mortgage deposit for a first time buyer mortgage.
  • The most common scenario is a parent gifting funds to help their child with a deposit.
  • Using a gift as a house deposit is different to taking out a loan - the money is usually received without any expectation of repayment or stake in the property. You cannot use an unsecured repayable loan, from a bank or other financial institution, towards your mortgage deposit with NatWest.

Will I need to provide a gifted deposit letter?

If you're using a gifted deposit, a mortgage lender will ask you to prove the money is a gift and whether any repayment is expected. This is sometimes referred to as a 'gifted deposit declaration'.

This generally takes the form of a gifted deposit letter, signed by the gifting party(ies). Your conveyancer will help ensure the letter is sufficient as a legal statement for consideration by the mortgage lender during a mortgage application.

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What is Royal Bank's gifted deposit policy?

At Royal Bank, we currently don't have a limit on the maximum amount of gifted deposit that can be used as a percentage of the total deposit within a property purchase.

For a Royal Bank mortgage with a gifted deposit, we require a signed letter or email (no signature required) from the gifting party, confirming the gift is either non repayable or repayable.

If repayable, the details of the repayment should be outlined in the letter. This will then be included in affordability calculations (how we decide how likely you are to be able to afford your mortgage repayments).

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Can I only receive deposit gifts from family members?

  • No, we allow gifted deposits from other third parties, such as friends. Again, a gifted deposit letter will be required as described above.
  • However, unlike gifted deposits from family members, gifts from other third parties are only accepted if they are not repayable.
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Can I use deposit gifts from multiple sources?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple gifts towards your mortgage deposit.

You will need to provide information about the source of each gift independently, and each gift will be subject to their own gifted deposit letter.

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