Paperless mortgage applications

Mortgages with Royal Bank
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What is a paperless mortgage application?

Ok, so we can't lend a hand decorating, but we can make applying for a mortgage less hassle.

With the first ever paperless mortgage application, you can now upload, view and sign all your documents online when you apply without leaving the house.

Ready to apply for a paperless mortgage?

If you've already got your Agreement in Principle, then your next step is to complete your paperless mortgage application. In most cases you can choose to apply online, over the phone or by video call. 

Whatever your choice, you can upload, view and sign all your documents online.


DigiDocs is our online tool that lets you capture, share  and sign your documents with us.

To find out more, and for help uploading your documents online, including a range of answers to frequently asked questions, check out our DigiDocs guide.

Mortgage calculators

No matter what stage you're at in the process, our mortgage calculators are here to help you. Use them to:

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