Low-carbon travel

Sustainable travel ideas

How can I travel more sustainably?

Aside from walking and cycling more, using public transport is one of the most sustainable ways to travel. You could start by making small changes to how you travel, it could help save you some money while being kinder to the planet too.

What are other people doing to travel more sustainably?

More short journeys by foot

choose to regularly walk to places instead of driving.

Switch to an electric car

of 18-34 old homeowners plan to install an EV charge point.

Reduce air travel

are cutting back on the number of flights they take.

Small changes you could make

Walk or cycle

Did you know that by replacing one car journey per day with a cycle or walk could reduce your carbon footprint by around 0.5 tonnes per year (Imperial College London, 2021)? It could also save you money by using less fuel too.

Travel by train rather than fly

Did you know that going from Glasgow to London by train produces almost 7x less carbon emissions than taking a plane for the same route (The Independent, 2021)? You could try taking the train for your next trip instead.

Fuel efficient driving

Driving between 55-65mph will help you to save on the fuel you use (Energy Saving Trust, 2020). As well as having the right tyre pressure for your car,  using 'Eco' mode if your car has one, and driving more smoothly by making less big changes in speed or breaking sharply.

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