My Direct Debit for my Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage has been returned unpaid?

My Direct Debit for my Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage has been returned unpaid?

Unpaid Direct Debits will cause your mortgage to fall into excess/arrears, so it's important to make your payment as soon as possible. This could also have a negative impact on your credit file.

The main reason for Direct Debits being returned as unpaid is because there were insufficient funds in the bank account on the day the Direct Debit was due. However, there are other reasons too. Check the balance in your account for that day and see if funds were available. If there were, contact us to make sure that we have the correct details on file for you and/or the Direct Debit is still active.

If the payment is returned as unpaid with the answer 'refer to payer' (please contact your Bank if you need to confirm this), we'll automatically re-present the Direct debit ten working days later. Providing there are funds in your account when we re-present the payment again, there is no need to make a manual payment.

You can use 'Manage your Mortgage’ to make a missed payment. You can find it in the RBS app or Digital Banking. If you haven't used them yet, here's some guidance (opens in a new window) on how to access them. It doesn't matter whether you have other RBS accounts or just a mortgage.

If an app isn't for you, you can also use Manage Your Mortgage (opens in a new window)

If you have any queries or you'd like to discuss your own situation further, please contact our Mortgage Team via online chat in Manage Your Mortgage (opens in a new window), who’ll be happy to help you.

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