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Beware - seasonal scammers

Don't let scammers spoil your Christmas

It's the fraudsters' favourite time of year, so make sure you're on your guard this festive season. To help keep you safe, we've pulled together some great ways to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Scam trends to look out for

Read our blog: From online adverts luring us in with too-good-to-be-true deals to phoney delivery messages, fraudsters will try anything to grab your cash this Christmas. Learn about trending scams and what you can do to stay safe this festive season. 

Protect yourself with the app

Buying pressies online? Lost your card? The app is your little helper! It's got some great features that'll keep you secure and on top of your money this season.

Use biometric approval to confirm it's really you

Shopping online? We may ask you to approve some transactions using your face, fingerprint or passcode. For setting up new payments in the app, you can also register for biometric approval which uses facial recognition to confirm its really you.

Biometric Approval is available to eligible mobile app customers aged 16+.

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Freeze or unfreeze your card

If you've misplaced your debit or Mastercard credit card whilst out and about, you can lock it until you find it. Card been lost, stolen, damaged? The quickest way to report this is with our app.

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Pay in cheques securely using our app

Expecting a cheque this Christmas? Pay them in anytime, anywhere. Just take a photo of it using our app and the money will be paid into your account. It's simple, secure and saves you a trip to the branch.

Limits apply.

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Budget better, spend less

Our Spending feature will put your transactions into categories, giving you a detailed view of where your money is going. Great for keeping track of your Christmas shopping!

You must be aged 16+. Only available for Personal and Premier accounts.

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Card payment controls

You can set payment controls from within the app to turn off and on the types of payments your card can be used for. For example, you could switch off the ability to make online purchases whenever you're not shopping online.

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Transaction notifications

Transaction notifications will notify you every time you use your card - a great way to keep on top of your spending and making it really easy to spot anything you might not recognise.

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Secure payments with the app

Get paid back with PayMe

If you're buying a shared pressie and splitting costs with friends or family, settling up is easy and secure with our new PayMe feature. Just send a payment request with the app or if you're with them, get them to scan a QR code from your phone. It'll save you from any awkward conversations!

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Make payments safely

Making payments is simple and secure in the app. If you're paying someone new, we use a Confirmation of Payee check where we can confirm if their name matches the details for the account you're paying. It helps protect your money!

Check out our simple step-by-step guides on how to make payments in the app.

Payment limits and criteria applies.

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Sensing a scam?

If you're sensing you may have been targeted by scammers or just want to learn more about how to stay safe, make sure you check out our Security Centre for lots of useful information to help you in the fight against fraud.

Anything else we can help you with?