What is a Credit Card Late Fee?

What is a Credit Card Late Fee?

A late or missed payment fee is charged to your credit card account if you have not made the minimum payment by the due date shown on your statement. The late payment fee is £12. The fee will be visible on your next statement.

The fee can be avoided by ensuring the minimum payment is made. One way of ensuring this is by setting up a Direct Debit. A Direct Debit can be set up so that the minimum payment, the full balance or a chosen amount is paid in to your credit card account prior to the payment due date. To find more information on Direct Debits please visit our 'Set up and view your Direct Debit'(opens in a new window) pages.

Alternatively, you can change the date of your statement and the payment date so that it aligns with either other bills or when you get paid. This can be arranged by calling Card Services. The number can be found on our Contact Us(opens in a new window) page.

Of course life can be unpredictable and if you can't avoid missing a payment, you should contact us as soon as possible. To do this you can either use our Chat functionality, found on our webpages, in app or on Digital Banking or you can call Card Services(opens in a new window). One of our customer advisors will then be able to help explain the options available to you.

A late/missed payment fee may also be visible on your credit score file and may impact the ability for you to get credit in the future. If you want further information on Credit Scores (what it is, how they are used and what factors are used) then we have a handy information page Credit Scoring Guide(opens in a new window) available .

Like all the fees and charges that apply to using a credit card, this fee is outlined in your Terms and Conditions. These would have been sent to you when we sent you your card. To make it a little easier we also add a summary of the fees and charges on the back of your Credit Card Statement. If you have opted for paperless statement, this is available as a download in the statement section in the app or on Digital Banking.

If you have a credit card that we no longer offer, different fees and charges may apply. If you would like further information on the fees and charges that will apply to your credit card or would like to find out why a fee or a charge has been applied to your account please Contact Us(opens in a new window).