How long does an ISA transfer take?

How long does an ISA transfer take?

ISA Transfers should take no longer than: 

  • 5 business days for an internal transfer from one cash ISA to another cash ISA (example - from a Royal Bank Instant Access ISA account to a Royal Bank Fixed Rate ISA account)
  • Allow up to 14 business days for an external transfer  (different provider) from one cash ISA to another cash ISA. To switch ISA providers, contact the ISA provider you want to move to and fill out an ISA transfer form to move your account. If you withdraw the money without doing this, you will not be able to withdraw that part of your tax-free allowance.
  • 30 calendar days for transfers to / or from stocks and shares ISAs.

If your current provider uses the manual transferring process, this process could take a considerably longer time to process as we are relying on the other provider sending us both, your transaction history list and your balance.

To complete the online ISA transfer form please visit: 

 If your ISA provider is not listed on the ISA transfer request form, you must print the paper form and post to 

  •  Everyday Banking PO Box 5612 MANCHESTER M61 0WN