Earn Rewards at P&O Ferries

Minimum 1% of your spend back in Rewards

Earn 1% Rewards at P&O Ferries

What are Rewards? 5.00 Rewards = £5.00 when redeemed

P&O Ferries offer a wide range of services and facilities across the English channel, North Sea and Irish Sea. Visit www.POFerries.com and enjoy earning 1% of your spend back in Rewards.

Whether it’s Dover to Calais, Liverpool to Dublin, or across the North Sea to Holland and Belgium, P&O Ferries provide a huge range of travel options.

Just use your eligible card to earn a minimum of 1% of your spend back in Rewards on trips booked online or over the phone.

To book your next trip or learn more, visit www.P&OFerries.com or call 0800 130 0030

Please note, Rewards cannot be earned on purchases made on-board your journey.

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