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We're changing
to Mastercard®

Your new Debit Mastercard is coming soon

All our customers will get a newly designed replacement card. Your card will work in just the same way and there is no change to your bank account. It’s greener too, as it’s now mostly made from recycled printing and packaging material.

When your new Debit Mastercard arrives, you can begin using it right away. To activate Contactless, just make a payment using your PIN and you’re all set. Your Visa Debit card will stop working soon after you receive your Debit Mastercard. 

To give you a bit more background about the change, we have some handy FAQs to help.

Frequently asked questions about your Debit Mastercard

Will I be able to use my Debit Mastercard everywhere I used my Visa Debit?

You will be able to use your Debit Mastercard almost anywhere that accepts card payments, either in store or online. It’s accepted in millions of locations worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard symbol.

When can I use my Debit Mastercard? 

You can use your new card as soon as it arrives.

You can begin using it for your daily coffee fix or those must-have matching onesies. But please destroy your old card securely and don’t forget things like magazine subscriptions and annual insurance renewals. 

Other frequently asked questions

Useful tips about your new Mastercard

Update your online payments

You’ll need to update your card details so it’s not declined. Things like magazine subscriptions, online shopping sites or annual insurance renewals.

Add your card to your digital wallet

Don’t forget to add your new card to Apple Pay and Google Pay™ too. Some retailer limits might apply, but this one makes life super-easy when you're out and about.

Activate Contactless

Just make a PIN payment and you’re up and running

Terms and Conditions

OK, that's it about cards. We're making some changes to our terms and conditions. You can see the full details in the PDF's below.

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