Is my card eligible for MyRewards?

Is my card eligible for MyRewards?

You will be eligible to register for MyRewards if you have one of the following Reward products:

  • Reward
  • Reward Silver
  • Reward Platinum
  • Reward Black
  • Reward Credit Card

You can access your MyRewards account directly through our secure mobile banking app. App criteria applies.

Alternatively, you can set up your MyRewards log-in details with your active Royal Bank of Scotland Reward account debit card or your active Reward credit card, which will allow you to access your MyRewards account via Online banking or a web browser.

If you don't have one of our Rewards products and are interested, please take a look at our Reward account range(opens in a new window) or Reward credit card(opens in a new window).

When you hold a Reward current account, you can earn Rewards in 3 different ways:

  1. 2 or more Direct Debits are debited from your account each calendar month;
  2. You log on to the Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Banking app at least once each calendar month; and
  3. you pay for things with your debit card at one of our retail partners

Please note: The Direct Debits must debit from your Reward account. You’ll earn Rewards on your debit cards issued on any Royal Bank of Scotland current account you have (excluding a Basic Account, Foundation Account or current account mortgage product).

When you hold a Reward Credit card, you can earn Rewards by paying for things with your credit card anywhere, whether in or outside the UK.

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