Why has my Orange payee disappeared?

Why has my Orange payee disappeared?

If you have a bill payment set up to the Orange Mobile Network, you may have noticed that the payee has disappeared from your list of payees.

This is because we were made aware that the payment details were incorrect.

Any scheduled payments that you have set up will still go out as normal and won’t be affected by this change.

To make a payment, please check your mobile bill for the correct payee details. Payments can then be made via Digital Banking with the use of a card reader via the ‘Payments and Transfers’ option.

To make a payment using the Mobile Banking app please follow the below instructions:

  1. From your chosen eligible account, select the ‘Pay’ button from the Home screen, or ‘Payments’ from the account menu
  2. Select ‘Make a payment’
  3. Tap on ‘Choose payee’ and then ‘Pay someone new’
  4. Enter the payee’s name, account number and sort code as per your bill, and then tap Continue
  5. Enter a reference, which should be your EE account number as located on your bill, and choose the amount and date

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