When can I use my debit card?

When can I use my debit card?

As soon as you get your card, you can start using it straightaway for your daily coffee fix or those must-have matching onesies. But please destroy your old card securely and don't forget things like magazine subscriptions and annual insurance renewals. You'll need to update your card details for all your usual online retailers and subscriptions so it's not declined. Don't forget to add your new card to Apple Pay and Google Pay™ too (current account cards only). Some retailer limits might apply, but this one makes life super easy when you're out and about.

You will also have to re-apply card payment controls on your new debit card via the mobile "Manage My Card" section if you have previously set up any on your old Visa card.

If you haven't used your card for a period of at least 13 months prior to expiry, we don't automatically replace it. But if, at any time, you decide you want a card, just get in touch.

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