My standing order is due out tomorrow, can I still cancel it?

My standing order is due out tomorrow, can I still cancel it?

Yes, you can cancel a standing order online up to 2 working days before it's due out.

Cancelling a standing order online

  1. Log in to your Digital Banking service at www.digitalbanking.rbs.co.uk (opens in a new window)
  2. Click the 'Payment and transfers' link.
  3. Under Standing orders click 'Manage standing orders'.
  4. You will now see all the standing orders you currently have set up.
  5. Select a standing order and click 'View standing order' to view more details or 'Cancel standing order' then 'Confirm' to cancel it.
  6. You will then see a confirmation screen confirming cancellation of the standing order.

Please note: If your standing order is due within 48 hours we will send you an email to confirm that it has been cancelled. Please make sure that we have your correct email address on file.

Cancelling a standing order using your mobile banking app

  1. Login to your Mobile Banking app
  2. Tap ‘Payments’ on the bottom of the home screen
  3. Make sure the account displayed is set to the account where the standing order is paid from. You can swipe to change accounts or tap 'Change account'.
  4. Tap ‘Regular payments’
  5. Tap ‘Standing orders’
  6. Tap on the Standing order you wish to cancel
  7. Tap ‘Cancel Standing order’

We can also cancel and recall the standing order if you call us on by 6pm, one working day before the due date. You can reach us on 03457 242424 (overseas +44 131 5498888) in Scotland, 0345 900 0400 (overseas +44 131 2420017) in England, or 0345 900 0300 (overseas +44 118 373 2181) in Wales.

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