How much will the Minimum Payment Plus be?

How much will the Minimum Payment Plus be?

The Minimum Payment Plus will always be at least your contractual minimum* payment and include any Instalment Plan amount and fee – but it will usually be more, as it’s designed to pay off over time at least double the amount you're being charged in interest, fees and charges plus £1.

For example, a customer who has a balance of £3,000 with an interest rate of 18.9%, would have £43 of interest applied. This means their minimum* would be £73, and the Minimum Payment Plus would be at least £87.

Please refer to your most recent statement message or the mobile app for your Minimum Payment Plus amount.

*The minimum payment is usually 1% of the credit card balance, plus interest and fees and charges, (however this may differ depending on the credit card product you hold).

The minimum payment will change each month dependent on the credit card balance.

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