How is my redemption statement calculated?

How is my redemption statement calculated?

Your redemption calculation will be based on your mortgage balance as shown on your last annual statement, it will also factor in:

  • Any new borrowing (since your last annual statement)
  • Interest (up to and including your expected redemption date)
  • Any Early Repayment Charges
  • Any fees we’ve charged (since your last annual statement
  • Any payment received but not yet cleared
  • Payments you’ve made (since your last annual statement)

If your deal is due to end, your statement will include any early repayment charges which could be payable up to and including the date your deal comes to an end.

It’s important that you don’t cancel your Direct Debit payment before your redemption date. We’ve included any expected mortgage payments up to and including this date in your redemption figures. If you’ve overpaid as a result of this, we’ll automatically refund the overpayment to you.

It’s important to remember that your mortgage won’t be fully repaid until any payments we’ve received have cleared.

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