How can I check my recent payments?

How can I check my recent payments?

Recent payments allows you to check on the status of recent payments made from both Digital Banking and the mobile app over the last 3 business days.

The payment types include bill payments, third party payments, payments to your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, high value payments, low value payments, Open Banking payments (payments that you've consented to via a third party) and Rooster top ups.

The payment status will show one of the following status:

  1. Paid – the payment has been successful
  2. Pending – the payment has not yet cleared our payments processes
  3. Failed –unable to apply the payment

To view your recent payments select 'Payments and transfers' from the main menu, then on the Payments and transfers landing page select 'Recent payments'.

Scheduled payments due the next business day, will display here after 18:30 and have a status ‘Pending’ until fully processed, at which time the status will be updated further.