What is Get Cash and how do I use it?

What is Get Cash and how do I use it?

Get Cash is a function of our mobile banking app that lets you withdraw money quickly without using your bank card. It's great for those times, when you pop out during your lunch hour, but don't have cash on you.


How does it work?


  1. From the 'Get Cash' option within your mobile banking app, choose the amount of cash that you would like to withdraw
  2. We then provide you with a secure cash code that will be valid for 3 hours (you can use the code yourself or use the option to text it to a friend or family member)
  3. Then visit an appropriate cash machine for your account (find the nearest branch using the 'near me' option in the app, for the nearest Tesco cash machine please visit the Tesco website).
  4. When at the cash machine, press the 'Enter' key and then follow the on screen prompts to get your cash

If the code expires, the funds will re-credit your account within 24 hours.


To use this service


  • You must have an active debit card for your account
  • You must have at least £10 available funds to withdraw from your account
  • The amount requested must be within the daily withdrawal limit for your debit card
  • We must have your correct mobile number in our records
  • There is a maximum limit of 2 Get Cash withdrawals per 24 hours
  • Get Cash limits apply for this service which is a maximum withdrawal limit of £130 every 24 hours

Get Cash is available on Android and iPhone


Available cash machines:

NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) or Tesco ATM

Royal Bank of Scotland
Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland), NatWest or Tesco ATM

Ulster Bank NI
Ulster Bank NI, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) or Tesco ATM

Isle of Man Bank
Isle of Man Bank, NatWest International, NatWest, Ulster Bank or Tesco ATM

NatWest International

NatWest International, NatWest, Isle of Man Bank, Ulster Bank or Tesco ATM


Request Denied error:


You may see this message if your account doesn’t have an active debit card in place.

If you are accessing a business only service, Get Cash is not yet available for these accounts, but is coming soon.