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We want to make your financial life as simple as possible, so we’ve gathered all the information for your Foundation account in one place.

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Unlock the benefits of using your Royal Bank of Scotland card

There are many secure and convenient ways to pay with your Royal Bank of Scotland card. Learn more about Apple pay, Google pay and Contactless payments. Criteria apply.

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We have bank accounts that suit your needs, from everyday bank accounts to accounts that reward you.

Specific account criteria apply.

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Ukrainian refugee account

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All you need to open your new Ukrainian refugee account

We have created a dedicated page which has all the support you need to open your account with us.

Please use this page to find out what documents you need to open the account and how to apply.

The page also includes further information about the account, important documents and translated guidance.

Open a Ukrainian refugee account

Specific account eligibility criteria applies.

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Specific account eligibility criteria applies.

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Access Ukrainian and Russian translations for your welcome email

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View translations of your additional welcome message

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