Student credit card

Our student credit card
is no longer available

We no longer offer our student credit card

Unfortunately this card is no longer available, but there's a few other options that could help:

Specific account and overdraft eligibility applies. Credit facilities available to over 18s only.

Student overdraft

Our student overdraft could act as a short-term safety net for any unplanned expenses.

Student bank account

Looking to manage your money while at uni? Our student current account could work for you.

Tips for students and grads

From student accommodation to preparing for your first job as a grad - we've got tips to help.

Managing your credit card

Paying your credit card

We’ve made making payments to your credit card as convenient as possible – just choose the method that suits you.

Other charges or fees

Some important things you'll need to know about fees and charges.

Card Features

Ways to pay

There are many convenient ways to pay using the Student credit card.

Spread the cost of your purchase

If you're buying something expensive and you don't want to use money from your bank account, a credit card might be a good way to spread the cost.

Mobile App Features

Lock and unlock your credit card

Get to know your spending habits

Keep an eye on your credit score

Replace your credit card

Let us know your travel plans

What you should know

Our mobile app is available to customers with Digital Banking, compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Something else we can help you with?