Sustainable living

How to reduce food waste

Food waste adds up

6.6 million tonnes of household food waste a year is created in the UK, according to WRAP, 75% of which was fine to eat.

Following some simple tips could mean you waste less food, and money, and live more sustainably too.

10 tips to reduce food waste

  1. Plan your meals for the week. Buy what you’ll need for them and nothing else.
  2. Cooking for fussy eaters? Include them in your meal planning.
  3. Best before v use buy. Know the difference between the two
  4. Compost what you have left. Feed your garden.
  5. Use air-tight containers. For food you've opened but not finished, like biscuits or crisps
  6. Bring order to your fridge. Move older fruit/veg to the front and put new at the back.
  7. Fruit going a little soft? Whip up a healthy smoothie to start your day.
  8. Only buy what you need. Even if there’s a tempting three for two offer.
  9. Donate what you don’t use. Changed your mind about something you bought? Why not donate it to a food bank. Food sharing apps could help you give unwanted food to those who could use it.
  10. Turn milk into bread!  Not quite, but you can easily make your own buttermilk by adding lemon juice to milk that you need to use up. The buttermilk can then be used in a simple soda bread recipe.


How could I save money on food?

Set a budget for your shopping. Do it for the week or just for a particular meal, and don’t go over it. Professional chefs work out the price per person for a reason.

Batch cook at the weekend. It could save you time and effort during the week, and freeze ahead for lunches, instead of buying from a shop each day.

Embrace ‘wonky’ vegetables. There’s no need for a perfectly straight carrot if you’re making soup, so why pay more? Many supermarkets now sell wonky veg at a lower price.

Points make prizes. Use those loyalty points you’ve built up, perhaps treating yourself once in a while as a reward for sticking to your budget. And look out for opportunities to ‘trade up’ and exchange your points for restaurant or experience vouchers.

Ideas to live more sustainably

Ideas to live more sustainably

Sustainable tips for your home, life and travel.

Choosing to live more sustainably could also save you money.

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