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A guide to student loan repayments

Paying back your student loan

Paying back your student loan needn't be a source of stress. This guide will help answer your questions, and give you the knowledge to make financially-sound decisions when it comes to student loan repayments.

When do I start repaying my student loan?

After leaving university, you'll only start repaying your student loan once you're earning above a certain threshold. From then on your repayments are fixed at 9% of everything you earn above that threshold. Check out the representative example in the table below.

Repayment example

Repayment threshold


Annual earnings


Earnings over threshold


Yearly repayment


Important repayment information

Answers to some of the most pressing questions around student loan repayments.

What happens if I never pay it all off?

If you never get a job earning over the repayments threshold, you won't have to repay a penny.

After 30 years, any remaining debt will be written off entirely. So you'll stop owing either when the debt is clear or when 30 years have passed.

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What happens if I pay back too much?

If you pay back too much, you will be eligible for a refund. Contact the Student Loans Company and quote your reference number.

SLC will tell your employer to stop taking deductions. This process can take four weeks.

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What happens if I drop out of university?

The SLC will be notified and your finance payments will be stopped. You will be liable for paying back some of the loan.

If you complete 60% of the semester, you will owe 60% of the loan received.

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