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Times are tough – you’re not alone if you’re feeling the pressure. Discover ideas that could make you feel more in control and help your money go further. Get expert tips, ideas and how to find support all in one place.

Making your money go further

Fancy some spending and saving tips? Take a look below.

Ten ways to save more

Take a look at our top tips which could help save you money.

Energise your bills

Check out our latest guide for helping manage your household outgoings.

Big up a small budget

Budget like a boss with know-how you can use right now.

Why saving could be good for you

See how regular saving could help you feel more in control and boost your wellbeing.

Handy tools to help you

Simple, quick and practical tools that could help you manage your money.

Are you eligible for benefits?

If you’re unsure about benefits and what you could claim, give Inbest's benefits calculator a go to find out what benefits you could claim.

Track your spending

This handy app tool could be your new best friend. It could help you budget better and identify where you could tweak things.

Work out your budget

Taking a fresh look at how much you can spend could help you feel more on top of things. And it could mean you don’t get into debt.

Financial Health Check

Sometimes, it helps to speak to an expert. A video chat with one of our friendly senior personal bankers could help you review your money situation.

Struggling with payments?

Please tell us ASAP if you’ve missed a repayment with us, know you’re about to, or if you’re struggling to pay off your overdraft. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can try help sort things out.

How to get support

Cora, our digital assistant, can answer everyday banking questions 24/7 (including next steps if you want to chat about your finances). If Cora can’t help, she’ll connect you to a team member to give you the right support.

Always on-hand in the app

Tap 'Help' then 'Chat cora'. Type 'Struggling financially' to get the right help.


Help while Digital Banking

Click ‘Chat now’ and then type ‘struggling financially’. You can choose from different support options.

Get support on our website

Click the ‘Chat to Cora’ button in the bottom right of the page to get started. Type ‘struggling financially’ to see different help options.

Free independent advice

If you’re having money troubles, as well as speaking to us, you can get free independent advice from helpful organisations and charities.