Home improvements

Paying for your home improvements


Creating a budget

It's important to do your sums before starting work. You should aim to cover all eventualities when planning and make sure that your plans are realistic and won't overstretch you financially.

Every home is different which makes prices difficult to predict without inspection from an expert

It's not unheard of to pay upwards of £2,000 per square metre for extensions with fees on top

Things may not always go according to plan so set some money aside for emergencies

You can use our budget calculator to work out what you can afford.

Shop around and add value

Get the best deal

Try to get quotes from at least three different builders or tradesmen, and ask for references from previous clients. Once you're happy with your choice, get a written agreement giving a breakdown of timings.

Make sure you add value

Home improvements can be an easy way to add value to your home, but make sure that what you spend will be reflected in the sale price. One way to check is to ask a local estate agent for a predicted value once improvements are complete.

How should I pay?

Depending on the type of work you are looking to do, how much it's likely to cost and how soon you need to do it, you have a few different options. For long term projects, you could look to save up but for more urgent pieces you may consider a loan.


Set a savings goal

If you want to save up the cash to pay for the work on your property, you can set a savings goal linked to your savings account to help you get there.


Borrowing to pay for improvements

Take a look at the options available to you if you're over 18 and thinking about borrowing money to pay for home improvements.


Thinking of a home improvement loan?

Make a house your home with a personal loan between £7,500 and £14,950. Representative 6.6% APR. Other amounts available at alternative rates. Specific eligibility criteria apply.


Paying with equity from your home

Releasing equity from your property is a common way to pay for home improvements, but make sure you understand the pros and cons first.

Loans are only available to home owners over the age of 55 and the portion you can borrow depends on your age.

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