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Getting to the root of a problem

Welcome to Problem Solving 101

Problem solving is a key skill that employers look for. Being good at solving problems will be useful both for your career and in your personal life.

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You’ll learn the importance of asking the right questions and how to look for the root cause of the problem.

Problem solving - the basics

When we try to solve a problem, it's best to start by asking some questions.

PDF: 5 mins

The 5 whys of problem solving

Here's a technique that's widely used in problem solving and may be helpful to you.

PDF: 5 mins

Problem solving quiz

Here’s a chance for you to put your problem-solving knowledge to the test!

PDF: 4 mins

Solving real problems

Now you’ve learned about it in theory, let’s see some of these skills put into practice.

PDF: 5 mins

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