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This short podcast covers the topics of creative thinking and innovation. 

How is this relevant to me?

Creativity is about coming up with new ideas, innovation is about doing new things. It might be that you’re great at doing both or you might prefer one instead of the other.

Whether you are still at school or in work there’s lots of opportunity to practice these skills.

We live in a world where we always talk about innovation and new thinking. Companies like Netflix and Airbnb have come about through creative thinking and innovation. The founders of these companies thought about the experiences they’ve had. They then thought about how they can make them even better.

Putting it into practice

Learn from the experiences you have and think about how you can make them even better. For example, when you use an App on your phone.

  • Is there something that annoys you in the way it works?
  • Something you wish it would do?
  • Something you'd improve?

The most important thing is to speak up with your ideas. You might think everyone else thinks like you or see’s things your way but that’s not always the case. Be brave, share your thoughts and perspectives. 

Top tips for creative thinking and innovation

  • Sign up for something new to open your mind. For example, try this free Google Digital Garage course about the basics of code.
  • Play with your ideas. Use different creative outlets such as drawing or painting.
  • The physical environment can help. It might be that you come up with your best ideas outside or sat in a coffee shop.
  • Be inclusive, surround yourself with different views and perspectives.

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