Coutts Managed Funds (CMaF)

We’re making some changes

We’re making changes to our investment approach

As the Fund Manager of the Coutts Managed Funds (CMaF), we continue to assess the best way to manage investments. Recent changes to our approach include reducing the allocation to UK bonds, favouring a more global approach.

We also implemented our responsible investing policy in equity allocations. This was achieved through adjusting the Fund’s benchmark and we’re now making further adjustments.

What changes are being made and why?

  • We are reducing the amount of UK equity we hold within the Fund and moving to a more global approach.
  • We currently screen equities from a responsible investing perspective, we will now also be doing this on investment grade bonds.

Moving to a global approach

We believe that moving to a global approach for the Fund means investors will benefit from increased diversification. This applies both to regional and currency exposure, increasing global investment opportunities for the investment manager.

Being global will also provide a reduction in the underlying future transaction costs which will be reflected in the performance of the underlying assets.

Introduction of screening on investment grade bonds

When investing in equities we aim to apply a screening process to reduce the Fund’s exposure to companies that are not aligned with our responsible investing policy or long-term climate commitments.

We’ll now also apply this approach to the investment grade bond part of the benchmark.

What do you need to do?

Nothing.  While these changes are important, there’s no action for you to take. 


When do the changes happen?

The changes will become effective on the following dates. From the Effective Date, the fund will be fully managed to the new benchmark and the changes outlined in this letter will be incorporated into new versions of the Fund’s prospectus and key investor information documents.



Effective Date

Coutts Managed Defensive Fund

25 June 2024

Coutts Managed Cautious Fund

25 June 2024

Coutts Managed Balanced Fund

26 June 2024

Coutts Managed Ambitious Fund

28 June 2024

Coutts Managed Adventurous Fund

25 June 2024

Coutts Managed Equity Fund

25 June 2024

Coutts Managed Global Defensive Fund

1 July 2024

Coutts Managed Global Balanced Fund

1 July 2024

Coutts Managed Global Ambitious Fund

1 July 2024

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