Royal Bank Invest

Cash reward from £20-£5,000

Start, top up or transfer to a Royal Bank Invest account and you could get a cash reward from £20-£5,000

Been thinking about managing your investments with Royal Bank? Here’s why now could be a great time to start.

New to investing with us?

If you start a Royal Bank Invest account, depending on the amount of new investment (including transfers) made during the offer period, you could enjoy a cash reward. You’ll just need to choose what to invest in.

Already a Royal Bank investor?

You can enjoy the offer too. By using your existing account or opening a new one, either adding to or transferring your investments from elsewhere to us, you could be eligible for the cash reward depending on how much is paid in. 

How much could you get?

Important information

Our cash reward offer is open to new and existing Royal Bank Invest customers. If eligible, the size of your cash reward depends on how much you invest during the offer’s open and close dates.

Dates to remember – You’ll need to fund your Royal Bank Invest account between 4th September 2023 and 4th March 2024 at 5pm to qualify for the cash reward. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer before 4th March 2024.

If you qualify for the cash reward, it will be paid into your bank account by 4th September 2024. Just be sure that your bank account is open until this date otherwise you won’t receive your cash reward.

It all adds up You could either invest one lump sum or make multiple payments to qualify for the cash reward. We’ll total up how much you’ve invested between the offer period – minus anything you withdraw or transfer out of your Royal Bank Invest account – and you’ll receive the reward as shown in how much could you get.

Check for fees – If you decide to transfer your investments or pension to Royal Bank Invest, they must come from outside of NatWest Group. You should check with your current provider for any exit fees, penalties or other costs.

If you’re planning on transferring your pension to Royal Bank Invest, we won’t be able to accept the transfer if it includes guaranteed benefits and therefore won’t qualify for the cash reward offer.   

Advised investing is not included – You’ll not be eligible for the cash reward if you’ve received advice from NatWest Group to start, top up or transfer your investments or pensions to Royal Bank Invest. 

Here’s what you can invest in:

  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • General Investment Account 
  • Personal Pension
  • Junior ISA

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There’s also a prize draw

Set up a new regular monthly payment to a Royal Bank Invest account for the chance to be entered into a prize draw. One lucky winner will get £10,000 and 10 others will win £1,000.

Anything else we can help you with?